What we do

Proposition of lawsuits both national and internationally. Referring to partner organizations in order to promote social and political engagement in social initiatives.
Driving collective and interpersonal conflicts, either judiciary or not,
for a consensual resolution.
DIVERSE partners with Instituto AMMA Psique e Negritude that carries psychological
treatment for people who are discriminated against.

Training, research and dissemination in Discrimination, Diversity and Human Rights:
Although discrimination, racism, male chauvinism and prejudice are rationally condemned by most people, it doesn’t mean they are free from manifesting themselves in a discriminatory manner, often times without even being aware of it. Emotions running high whenever these matters are addressed in debates tend to expose emotional tensions, which leads us to believe that the elimination of discriminatory conducts is far from being achieved just from the mere idea that it is not fair.

For this reason, to produce change in discriminatory conducts besides theoretical
knowledge on the matter, training includes participative methodologies and group dynamics that raise awareness and reflection about the individual and social relations, along with a multidisciplinary approach to an informative content that contextualizes discriminatory situations relating it to historical, political, anthropological, sociological
and psychological aspects.

In addition, theoretical knowledge on Diversity, Equality and Human Rights concepts and practices is essential. DIVERSE also dedicates itself to developing and disseminating educational materials aimed at promoting Diversity and Human Rights. Knowing and using the principles of Human Rights in our daily lives in our social relations enhances people’s spirit and therefore alters the social environment! In particular, DIVERSE is concerned with Human rights Education in training, research and dissemination of educational materials aimed at promoting Diversity and Human Rights, designed for media, companies, Civil Service agencies and NGOs.
Implementation of corporate employment policies and coexisting in Diversity and respect to Human Rights and Sustainable Development programs. Institutional social initiatives formulation and project management. Consultancy on public policies implementation aimed at promoting Diversity.