About Us

The culture of diversity is the key issue of any human rights promotion policy. There is no equality without recognizing and respecting diversity. In addition, there are countless violent conflicts occurring in the world due to differences between individuals. Diverse has, therefore, the mission of promoting the culture of human rights and diversity.

It believes that to promote diversity is to contribute to the transformation of a society where there is a fruitful and healthy coexistence of diversity, within a sustainable environment.

It involves the right to nondiscrimination and freedom to exercise diversity, multiculturalism and the practice of valuing diversity. In other words, building a social atmosphere where differences are no longer a driver of social vulnerability, causing unrest, menace and violence. Where they are neither rejected nor a reason for social disparities. Quite the opposite, a social environment where diversity is to be experienced without representing a threat to human dignity; where people become more complete social beings, sharing not just only one but so many parts of their characteristics; where differences start being experienced with safety, in public, and their demonstrations are encouraged so we can exchange more knowledge and progress, thus resulting in mutual gain from this human and environmental diversities enriched milieu.

To accomplish that, we know already that it is not enough to gather a bunch of different people in the same space. Along with this, we need public and corporate policies, information and education that can bring new paradigms and values to social interaction, stimulating good human relations in this diverse environment.